Treating Cancer in Laredo

Cancer Care in Laredo, TX
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Those fighting cancer can get the specialized medical care they need through the oncology program at Doctors Hospital of Laredo. The oncology staff has the specialized training needed to help guide patients and their families through all stages of cancer treatment, diagnosis and recovery.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Fighting Cancer

The success and acclaim garnered by Laredo’s first cancer program, which began in 1987, would not be possible without Doctors Hospital's unique, multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. Working with healthcare professionals from leading cancer facilities in the community allows medical staff to organize the hospital’s efforts and find the best ways to diagnose and treat patients so they can start a road to recovery. Learn more >

Listen to Edward Elizondo's story of being treated for cancer of the larynx at Doctors Hospital. 

Doctors Hospital Oncology Specialists

If you need a referral to an oncology specialist or other physician at Doctors Hospital of Laredo, call our free physician referral service at 1-877-992-1711.