Expertise, Research and Reputation

For more than 30 years, medical professionals at Doctors Hospital have helped patients battle cancer by providing quality care and research.

The success and acclaim garnered by our cancer program would not be possible without our unique, multidisciplinary approach to treatment. With the combined expertise of healthcare professionals across the region, you’ll never have to fight cancer alone. Their guidance and evidence-based research can lead you towards a better outcome. The multidisciplinary approach found at Doctors Hospital consists of several important elements: Cancer Committee, Tumor Board Conferences, and Cancer Registry and clinical trials.

Find an Oncology Specialist

If you need a referral to an oncology specialist or other physician at Doctors Hospital of Laredo, call our free physician referral service at 877-992-1711 or search for a doctor online.

Cancer Committee

A select group of physicians and non-physicians oversee the critical elements of the cancer program at Doctors Hospital. The committee promotes a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care through collaboration with other departments, such as radiology, surgery, pathology and nursing, to make sure all teams work together to provide a higher standard of care for all patients.

Tumor Board Conferences

Doctors Hospital holds weekly cancer conferences for local healthcare professionals including medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, dietitians and Social Services advocates. This information exchange promotes new perspectives on individual cancer cases, which can improve treatment options for patients and foster better outcomes.

The committee helps promote a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care through collaboration with all clinical specialties, such as radiology, surgery, pathology, pharmacy and nursing, to ensure all teams work together to provide a higher standard of care for all patients.

Quality Management

Doctors Hospital holds itself to specific quality measures for the treatments provided at the cancer center. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatments are strictly monitored and examined to make sure patients receive quality care for each clinical service rendered.

Cancer Registry and Clinical Trials

The Texas Department of Health maintains the Cancer Registry, which contains regional data on cancer diagnostics and treatments from facilities across the area. Cancer specialists at Doctors Hospital consult the Cancer Registry for data that could lead to more treatment options and better outcomes.

Clinical trials test medical strategies, technologies or treatments that are often not yet available to the public. Through this research, healthcare professionals can decide if a new approach to cancer is safe and effective for patients. Although trials offer alternatives to standard cancer care, it can be difficult for patients who do not live near large academic institutions to participate. As a member of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, physicians at Doctors Hospital are able to enroll patients in trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. Doctors Hospital is the only facility within a 150-mile radius to provide these services.