Care for Critically Ill and Premature Babies

At Doctors Hospital of Laredo, we hope no baby or parent ever has to visit our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). But for those infants who need critical care, we are proud to have been designated a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care service provider from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Level III designation means we have the expertise and resources available onsite to care for critically ill babies around the clock.

Advanced Neonatal Care

Doctors Hospital NICU teamThe NICU at Doctors Hospital provides comprehensive care for babies in critical condition, infants born early and those with congenital, respiratory and infectious conditions. Other serious conditions that would require a visit to the NICU include underweight or not fully developed babies, abnormal lab results, a heart defect or other abnormalities.

Our NICU is equipped with advanced medical technology required for a wide range of conditions. The advanced treatment available right in Laredo means that families can stay together, preventing a long drive to another city for care and removing a source of stress during a challenging time. The NICU features 24/7 visitation, which helps moms and dads create a bond with their lovely babies around the clock.

In addition to the Level III certification for the NICU, Doctors Hospital is also Texas Ten Step certified for encouraging breastfeeding among all mothers, including those whose babies are in the NICU.

The Advantages of Delivering Your Baby at a Hospital With a NICU

If your newborn needs advanced care, having a NICU in the hospital provides several advantages:

  • Advanced care is close by. If the hospital does not have a NICU, your baby may need to be transferred to another hospital.
  • Specially trained neonatal physicians and nurses are ready to begin specialized care immediately using advanced technology. Hospitals without a NICU oftentimes do not have these resources.
  • Mothers can stay close to their babies, which fosters critical mother/baby bonding.

Get a Physician Referral

If you need a referral to a women's healthcare specialist or other physician at Doctors Hospital of Laredo, call our free physician referral service at 1-877-992-1711 or search for a physician online.