Q: How do I know if I qualify for surgery? 

In most cases, patients need to meet a BMI of 35 and above with at least one comorbidity or a BMI of 40.

Contact Doctors Hospital Weight-Loss and Wellness Center at 956-693-5050 or via email with your height, weight and any comorbidities for more information. 

Q: Is the bypass better than the sleeve? Or which surgery is better? 

One surgery is not necessarily better than the other. The best option is to talk to your surgeon about your concerns and decide which surgery is best for you.

Q: Does my insurance cover surgery? 

Many insurance plans accepted by Doctors Hospital cover weight-loss surgery to assist with life-threatening obesity. Your plan may have deductibles, copayments and other items to consider. Contact your health insurance administrator about coverage details. We will also verify your insurance information after your initial visit with a weight-loss surgeon. 

Q: How long will I be in the hospital after weight-loss surgery? 

Most patients stay in the hospital overnight, but that can depend on a patient's status after surgery.

Q: What is recovery like?

Recovery times vary from patient to patient. Most patients can resume normal activities 5-7 days after surgery.

Q: Will I have scars after surgery? 

Yes. Surgeons typically make five incisions that are about 2-5 cm each. The incisions are barely noticeable once healed.

Q: Will I lose my hair after surgery? 

Some patient experience hair loss three-to-six months after surgery. The best remedy is to maintain a high protein diet and take vitamins regularly.

Q: Is it normal to have reflux after surgery? 

Patients who have undergone Sleeve Gastrectomy report a higher incidence of reflux after surgery. It is important to follow up with your surgeon or primary care physician about persistent symptoms.

Q: What can I eat after surgery? 

You will meet with a registered dietitian before surgery to discuss the post-surgery diet. Patients are normally discharged on a clear liquid diet and the transition to solid foods will be specified in education material. Hydration is also key to avoid symptoms such as fatigue, nausea and dizziness. It is important to drink non-caffeinated and non-sweetened beverages post-operatively throughout the day.

Q: How do know if I should call the doctor after surgery? 

Call your physician immediately if you develop:

  • A fever above 101 degrees
  • Sudden shortness of breath
  • Pain in the chest or legs
  • You are unable to tolerate fluids
  • The incision develops redness, swelling or pus
  • The incision becomes hard and hot to touch
  • There is pus or foul odor coming from the drain (if you go home with a drain)
  • Pain does not subside with pain medication
If you need a referral to a weight-loss specialist or other physician at Doctors Hospital of Laredo, call our free physician referral service at 1-877-992-1711.

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