Recovery from Illness or Physical Injury

Physical Therapy

The physical therapy staff at Doctors Hospital of Laredo is dedicated to improving patients' quality of life through programs that promote recovery and increase function.

The physical therapy team provides outpatient care at the North Laredo Diagnostic and Therapy Center.

To achieve the best results, physical therapists consult with a patient's full medical team, which could include specialists in the areas of neurosciences, orthopedics, gerontology, hematology, oncology and general medicine. 

The Department of Physical Therapy provides a range of evaluative, preventative and rehabilitative services to those with physical functioning problems. The staff provides patients with one-to-one education and functional training. Depending on the condition being treated, therapists may use strengthening machines, treadmills, stationary bicycles, upper body ergonometers (a bike pedaled with the arms), electrical stimulator, mechanical traction and heat therapy equipment. 

Physical therapy services include:

  • Evaluation and treatment of patients with chronic pain, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and pulmonary conditions, and neurological deficits following a stroke or intracranial surgery
  • Training of amputee patients in preparation for and use of prosthetic limbs
  • Biomechanical assessment of the lower extremities with fitting for orthotics
  • Strengthening and instruction in functional activities for patients recovering from acute medical problems, trauma and surgical procedures
  • Instruction of patients and caregivers in safe, effective function geared toward independence
  • Instruction in self-care and home exercises to promote self-management of symptoms
  • Evaluation and treatment of patients with urinary incontinence or post-stress incontinence
  • Consultation with other healthcare professionals regarding patients' requirement/potential for rehabilitation
  • Community outreach and education on back care, posture evaluation and prevention of falls

Get a Physician Referral

If you need a referral to the speech and language pathologist or other physician at Doctors Hospital of Laredo, call our free physician referral service at 1-877-992-1711.