Care for the Most Vulnerable

January 29, 2019
Caring for the Most Vulnerable

NICU Level III designation means advanced care is available in your community

At Doctors Hospital, we hope no baby or parent ever has to visit our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). But for those infants who need critical care, we’re proud to have earned Level III designation. What does Level III certification mean for you and the Laredo community? It means the facility has the expertise and resources available on-site to care for critically ill babies around the clock.

The NICU at Doctors Hospital is equipped to offer comprehensive care for babies in critical condition, infants born early and those with congenital, respiratory and infectious conditions. “Any time a baby isn’t stable enough to go to the nursery, they will go to the NICU for observation,” says Chief Nursing Officer Selvan Murugan, RN, MSN, MBA, MHA, FACHE. “We’ll look at heart and neurological function, to make sure everything is OK.” Other serious conditions that would mean a visit to the NICU include underweight or not fully developed babies, abnormal lab results, a heart defect or other abnormalities.

The advanced treatment available right in Laredo means that families are able to stay together, preventing a long drive to another city for care and removing a source of stress during a challenging time. The NICU even features “Twenty-four-seven visitation — this helps moms and dads create a bond with their lovely babies around the clock,” Murugan said.

In addition to the Level III certification for the NICU, Doctors Hospital is also designated as a Texas Ten Step Program for encouraging breastfeeding among all mothers, including those whose babies are in the NICU. Murugan says, “We brought in a lactation consultant to round the NICU, educating and training mothers to breastfeed when possible.”

Ronald McDonald House provides comfort for our NICU families

For many babies, their stay in the NICU will only be a few days. But for those families facing weeks-long stays, the Ronald McDonald House Family room at Doctors Hospital is a welcome respite from the hectic and sometimes scary world of the NICU. The respite suite at Doctors Hospital features a quiet area for parents and family members to unwind and recharge. “It’s really helpful for the parent or the mother,” Murugan says.