Doctors Hospital Laredo - Health News Magazine Winter/Spring 2019 (January)

Health News Magazine Winter/Spring 2019 (February)

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In This Issue:
Graciela Urdiales breaths again
Winter/Spring 2019 (February)

Breathing Again

Graciela Urdiales looked forward to retirement, but more than 30 years of breathing difficulties were making it difficult to keep up with her loved ones.
Breaking Ground on new FED
Winter/Spring 2019 (February)

Doctors Hospital Breaks Ground on New Freestanding Emergency Department

Soon, Laredo residents will have another location to receive emergency care like the care they have come to expect from Doctors Hospital of Laredo.
Winter/Spring 2019 (February)

Ask the Doctor: Preventive Medicine for Seniors

An annual checkup isn’t just for kids — seniors can benefit from regular preventive care.
Caring for the Most Vulnerable
Winter/Spring 2019 (February)

Care for the Most Vulnerable

At Doctors Hospital, we hope no baby or parent ever has to visit our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).